Thursday, 8 October 2015


Last night, I slept like a baby.

The night before I was back at A&E, this time with Mum.  She had a severe backache.  The pain must’ve been excruciating, she was almost in tears.  At the hospital she had X-ray taken (it turned out to be strained muscles) before painkiller was administered through a drip.  We got home from the hospital at 2AM.    

The past 12 months pretty much revolve around the office, my parents and their medical appointments, and middle of the night dashes to the Emergency ward.  Sometimes I feel like I’m swept away into a fog.  Each day passes in a blur.  I’m alive but not living, much.   

My parents’ health are fast declining. The thing is even though Dad has many health issues his mind remains fairly alert.  Mum, on the other hand, is strong physically but she has her “huh?” moments.  Now and then she forgets how to do the things she has been doing on a daily basis.  Some weeks ago, she went out to the supermarket to buy chicken thigh but came back with chicken breast.  “This doesn’t look like chicken thigh, Mum!”  but she swore it came off the compartment marked “Chicken Thigh” and it had to be.  So we went ahead and cooked it.  At dinner, Dad stared at the dish for sometime.  I sat quietly beside him at the dining table and waited for his reaction.  Finally he blurted, “HEY, THIS ISN’T CHICKEN THIGH!”   

The other evening my mother was preparing dinner when, all of a sudden, she came looking for me in the bedroom.  “Come with me into the kitchen,” she beckoned with some urgency.  She then led me to the stove where she was making soup. “Which should I add first, the fish or the mushrooms?” 

Mum complained about her backache again as soon as I got home this evening. The medication they’ve given her on Tuesday night isn’t working. It'll be a busy day at work tomorrow as I assist the setting up of two meetings - the first one at 10AM, the next one at 3:30PM. First thing in the morning I’ll pop into the supermarket to buy fresh strawberries.  Then, I need to pick up three dozen donuts. After that, I’ll need to remind the pantry lady to prepare coffee, tea and bottled water for the afternoon meeting.

Once the 3:30 starts, I’ll leave the office to pick my mother up to go back to the doctor’s. 

It’s a challenging year but I'm grateful for an understanding boss and supportive co-workers.

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