Monday, 25 June 2012


What if God was one of us
Just a slob like one of us
Just a stranger on the bus trying to make his way home?

There are times when I can't help but believe that God exists. Or it could be one of his angels hanging around to lend a helping hand. Like that time when I was in a supermarket picking out tomatoes and a stranger came up to me, thrust one of those perforated plastic bags my way saying, “Here, this is for you. I got it for you.” Before I could say anything he had quietly glided away, pushing his shopping cart.

Or that afternoon when raindrops started to fall just as I stepped off the kerb.  Out of nowhere, a Japanese lady appeared with a large umbrella.  She gestured, offering to shelter me.  Did I hold her arm or did she link hers in mine?  What was the color of the umbrella?  Did she even speak to me? I don't remember any of that.  All I remember was the sun was still shining even as the rain hit harder on our umbrella.  After we ran across the road safely, she gave a sunny me smile before diving into the rain to head back to the other side of the street.

There are days when God is out for a bit of fun. Some months ago my colleagues and I were in the MRT. “Did you hear about the fire that happened in AA building yesterday?” one asked. “I used to work in the same building, you know?”

“Really?" I answered in surprise. "I used to work in AA building too!”  As she went on to tell us about what she had read about the fire,  I suddenly noticed him - a boy leaning beside the train door, a pair of white earphones stuck in his ears.  Printed on the front of his T-shirt was this:

Coincidence, or God's sense of humour?

Friday, 8 June 2012


Some call it a shoe box, others call it a match box. Sure, my apartment isn't very big but it's a place I call my own.  It doesn't have a garden or courtyard but it commands the most stunning views.

and all is quiet

Magical sunsets


Sunny skies

 Top of the World
It feels like Manhattan


I just discovered that the new Blogger interface works with CHROME. How come no one tells me this?! I've been blogging with SAFARI sin...