Saturday, 23 April 2011


今天试做蛋黄香菇肉包,非常成功! 赶紧选几个似摸似样的秀一下。

This is my first attempt at making bao. There's definitely room for improvement but I'm rather pleased with the result. 

I used the same dough recipe as I did for my Chinese MuffinThe filling is made up of 400 grams of minced pork (that has been marinated a few hours before), 1/3 of a salted egg yolk and a small braised mushroom.  I was able to get 18 bao in all.

The first batch of bao looked too goofy but with time my confidence grew, the pleating got easier and the bao slowly took shape. Much to my own amazement (and relief), one or 2 actually started to look like a proper bao!


I didn't realise that bao can be so easy to make!

Sunday, 17 April 2011


There was a little dough leftover from last week's baking, which I kept frozen.  This afternoon I stirred in white chocolate bits to make Triple Chocolate Cookies!

Fresh from the oven -- ten beautiful cookies with a soft, chewy centre.  Mmmm ... I already wolfed one down as I was taking photographs.

Nine chocolate cookies with a soft, gooey centre.  For the Cookie Monster who drops by unexpectedly (you know who you are!) to look in on my parents while I'm away at work.


I just discovered that the new Blogger interface works with CHROME. How come no one tells me this?! I've been blogging with SAFARI sin...