Wednesday, 20 November 2019


On Monday morning I was in the gym and watched a young girl with her personal trainer. The PT muttered something to her and she immediately did 8 or 10 star jumps in rapid succession. She made it look like a breeze but when I attempted it this morning I realised that I just CAN'T do it! 

Wouldn't it be awkward if I were wearing Nike's?

Tuesday, 19 November 2019


Tonight my father’s second personality came out to play.

Mo Luo Su (摩啰酥)
My grandmother used to buy Mo Luo Su (摩啰酥) when I was a kid. Dad still loves them very much so we would buy them for him quite often. Last Saturday he claimed that he was tired of eating MLS. He has a box on his bedside table that is his cookie jar. I took a peek inside and sure enough he still had 2 MLS left, untouched.

This evening I got Dad some Madeleines for a change. When I opened Dad's cookie box to put the madeleines inside, I noticed that there was only one MLS left. Dad had taken a bite out of it. 

Me: Hey, who took a bite out of your cookie?

Dad A: (chuckles) It was me!

I handed him a madeleine to try.

Dad B: This cake tastes terrible. I much prefer the Mo Luo Su. 

Me: So why didn’t you finish the last MLS? Why did you take a bite and put it back?

Dad B: I didn’t take a bite!  YOU did!

The nursing staff served Milo and bread.

Me: Eat the bread, Dad.

Dad A: (Shakes his head) I’m still full from dinner. They treated us to Kway Chup!

Me: Was there a braised egg?

Dad A: No.

Me: Was there braised pork?

Dad A: No, they can't afford to serve pork in this place.

Me: How about tau pok?

Dad A: Yes, tau pok. And long beans.

Me: Long beans in Kway Chup?!

Dad A: Yup! The long beans were delicious! 

Me: Ok, so you don’t feel like having the bread now?

Dad A: (shakes his head)

Me: How about the Milo?  Will you have sip?

Dad B: (snorts) Don't be stupid.  This isn't Milo!

Me: Yes it is.  Take a sip.

Dad B: I’m telling you I’m still full from the kway chup. There was braised egg, pork, tau pok and long beans! You’d better take this Milo and bread away or I’m going to throw it in your face!

I hastily removed the cup of Milo and bread.

Dad A: (mutters) I have to keep my money safe. I cannot leave ... to my 2 sons ... 2 daughters ... all good for nothing.

As far as I know, I’m an only child.

Me: You have 2 sons?

Dad A: That’s correct.

Me: What are their names?

Dad A: I don't remember.

Me: Where are they now?

Dad A: They died in a flood.

Me: Seriously?  Are you talking about humans or piglets? 

Dad A: I supposed they were piglets …

Me: (teases him) I think I’m a good daughter, don’t you?

Dad B: (gestures towards the cookie box) Says who?! If you’re a good daughter you won’t be feeding me fake MLS!

Me: They are sponge cakes, Dad.

Dad B: Take the entire box away with you before I smash it!

Wednesday, 13 November 2019


Had lunch with a friend at KFC last Sunday. Before this, the last time I ate fast food was in July this year when KFC launched its Zhi Char inspired Cereal Chicken. It was a terrible experience. Not only did the chicken tasted awful, the wait was far too long. 

Yet on Sunday when my friend asked me “BK or KFC?” (she was holding vouchers to both) I foolishly chose KFC. I had two pieces of fried chicken + a large Pepsi. Pure greed. 

I paid the price the very next morning. As soon as I awoke, my chest was tight, my legs were like lead, and I was perspiring heavily. I felt like I was a slimy slice of ham that is close to expiry.  Despite my discomfort I wobbly made my way into the gym but just as I approached the rowing machine I kinda tripped over myself and flop!  I was on the ground like a discarded soft toy.  I quickly picked myself up and acted like nothing happened.  Good thing no one noticed.

On the other hand, bad thing nobody noticed.  This slice of ham could've expired right there and then – and no one would be aware until much later!

The smell would’ve been appalling.

Sunday, 3 November 2019


I had intended to make Chicky Buns yesterday but life threw a passion fruit seed at me. It hit me hard. 

Still, the pain didn’t stop me from putting together the chicken filling last evening. I also prepared a Starter and left it to ferment overnight in the fridge. 

Today, after lunch, I mixed and kneaded the dough.  Then I attended an hour of Pilates.

When I got back about 90 minutes later the dough had finished its first proof.  It was wise use of my time.

Because I added a Starter to the dough, the buns are more "pillowy" than the tuna buns.


Makes 7 (after holding back 115 grams of dough to act as Starter for my next batch of bread) 

Bread dough: 17 grams caster sugar, 1 packet (5 grams) Shirakami Kodama Koubo, 5 grams salt, 250 grams Reve de Lapin flour, 30 grams low fat milk, 160 grams water, 10 grams butter (softened), 115 grams Starter 

Starter (kneaded together 4 hours in advance): 125 grams bread flour, 75 grams water, 1/4 teaspoon instant yeast, 1/4 teaspoon salt 
Placed in a lightly oiled plastic bag to rest overnight in the fridge 

Brine for the chicken thighs: 150ml apple cider, 300ml water, 20 grams salt 
Marinated for 5 hours 

Filling: 2 (should’ve bought 3) boneless chicken thighs (roasted and diced), 1 tablespoon dried cranberries, shredded cheese 

Topping: milk, dried rosemary 

Proofing: 90 minutes + 15 minutes + 75 minutes 

Baking: 200 degrees C, middle rack, 17 min

Saturday, 2 November 2019


Lost a perfectly good tooth to a darn passion fruit seed. Every Dental Health Association around the world should issue an official warning about the danger of the passion fruit seed. 

Had the day all planned out - go to the wet market, come home to prepare a Starter for my bread, go to the gym, lunch with my mum, then spend the afternoon making bread. Didn't happen.  Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. In my case, it is a passion fruit seed. 

Didn't see that one coming. 

#passionfruitphobia #passionfruitisevil


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