Friday, 20 May 2016


Last week I came across a recipe, written in Chinese, for Miso Pork that called for 梅花肉。It was rather perplexing not knowing which part of the pig that was!  So I did some research to learn the different cuts of pork.

This evening I asked Mum if she could help me buy 300 grams of 梅花肉 when she goes to the wet market tomorrow.  "There isn't such a thing!" she scoffed.  "You really mean 五花肉, don't you?"  

"No, no!  Certainly not!" I protested.  "五花肉 is the belly.  I don't want the belly."

"Describe it to me," she demanded.  I tried to indicate the part I meant by placing my right hand on my left shoulder, turning my body to show her.

My impersonation of a pig must've been weak because Mum still didn't get it.  (Perhaps it'd help if I had stood on all fours.)  The truth of the matter was, she laughed out loud and cried, "You don't really expect me to perform a charade in front of the butcher do you?"

I then informed her that the pork was to be used in a stir-fry.  She answered, "Oh, you mean 枚肉!" Some light (though dim) at the end of the tunnel at last.

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