Tuesday, 6 August 2019


The other day Dad asked about a eatery we used to frequent.

Dad: Do you remember (name of shop)?

Me: Yes. The one with the roasted meats. (Dad nods profusely.). Do you want me to buy you some next week? 

Dad (shakes his head): No.

Me: So what made you bring it up?

Dad: I want you to buy me a roll of toilet paper.


Sometimes I wonder whether Dad is the only one in the family who suffers from dementia.

Tammy had sent me a super cute "owl" hair clip from Hong Kong. I wore it to the nursing home to show it off to Dad.

Me (points to the hair accessory on my head): Look Dad, look!  Do you know what this is?

Dad: No

Me: Do you know what animal?

Dad (shakes his head): Don’t know.

Me: Luncheon meat ...

Mum: Say what?!

Me (face turning crimson from embarrassment): Did I just say “luncheon meat”?  I meant to say “owl”!

WHY on earth did I say "luncheon meat"?  It just made no sense.


Yesterday I complained about having body ache to my co-worker, Christina.

Me: My muscles are aching. I think I might be coming down with ‘flu or something.

Chris: Do you have fever? You should take McDonalds.

Me: What?! WHY?

Chris: HAHAHAHA!!! Did I just say “McDonalds”? I meant to say “Panadol”!


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