Friday, 28 November 2014


Since our first meeting with Dr. Rani, she and her team has been looking into the reason/s why my father fell.  Dad himself doesn't know the reason, "I just fell that's all."

So Dr. Rani ordered blood tests, chest x-ray, physiotherapy, an MRI for the brain, and a meeting with General Surgery. 

At her recommendation someone from Home Assessment to come over to the house this morning to provide advice on fall risks.

Dad finally agreed to have anti-slip treatment done to our bathrooms.

Sunday, 23 November 2014


Took a day off work on Friday to be with Dad for his hospital appointment.  Because of his fall in mid-September, we've been referred to Dr. Rani at TTSH's Central for Geriatric Medicine.  She's doing a great job investigating into the reason/s that he fell.  After subjecting him to some light physical assessment, Dr. Ravi confirms that Dad's limbs are very strong for a 85-year old so she is sure it isn't because of weak legs.  Dad was sure he wasn't feeling dizzy, nor did he trip.  "I just fell," he said repeatedly.

Since then, he has blood tests, x-rays done to his head and chest, and a physiotherapy session.  This morning we had two appointments - a brain scan (MRT) at 7AM, followed by a meeting with General Surgery.  The team there recommended a colonoscopy done but Dad was reluctant.  He now has a year to think about it.

Life at home can be tough at times but every day I'm touched by the kindness of human beings.  Some weeks ago a co-worker, Pei Ee, offered me a special price ticket to the SEA Aquarium in Sentosa.  She observed that I've had to cancel my vacation because of Dad's fall and hoped that I could at least take a day off for myself.  

"Come closer baby, so I can  kiss you" 

The one thing I enjoyed watching most were the jellyfish!  Quite hypnotising. Btw, did you know that the jellyfish poop through it's mouth?

Jellyfish Invasion!

This is Grouch the Garouper - my father frequently takes on the same facial expression at home.

Monday, 17 November 2014



只好捧两个饭粿回家。粿小得可怜,里面的馅很少 又淡而无味,感觉连小洋葱也省略了。厚厚的皮裹着一团烂饭,两三条切得幼幼的冬菇丝,和一些疑似花生的颗粒。越吃越不是滋味。母亲叹息:唉!好久没吃到了赛玲做的饭粿好了,她做得特别好吃!我也有同感。

赛玲是父亲的老朋友,煮食的手艺好得很,对食材、步骤苛刻。手工凤梨塔里的馅是她自己慢慢熬煮的。年轻时做功夫菜,快又多;年纪大了做 achar 光是切果菜就得花上半天的时间,但她一样不马虎。

似乎是感应到母亲的碎碎念,晚饭后赛玲真的携了十多个饭粿在出现我家耶!就是有那么巧的事情,好不好? 母亲见到她,一整晚笑得合不弄咀。

赛玲做的饭粿跟外面买的真的有天渊之别!瞧,粿皮超薄,内有米饭、虾米、香菇和青葱 - 馅多得把皮都挤破了!今天午餐时我一口气吃了两个,味道非同凡响(打嗝!)



Monday, 10 November 2014


Took the day off work to accompany Dad to his first appointment at the Centre for Geriatric Medicine, just one of several medical appointment following his fall in mid-September. Dad is prone to anxiety attacks so a trip to the hospital (or lunch, or the barber’s) is an Event.  The clinic specifically requested us to bring along all of Dad's current medication.  A list was made and everything checked twice.  A taxi was booked in advance.  It was as if we were going on a family vacation.  

What a day it was!  First, Dad was reviewed by the nurse followed by an examination by the doctor, a blood test, a 30-minute physiotherapy session, and ending with X-rays. 

I guess with everyone focused on Dad, Mum felt she needed attention too because she came up with several antics:  Mum insisted that I accompany her to the toilet (she was afraid of being locked in); Mum waddled all the way from Room 19 to where I was speaking to the Pharmacist and informed me that Dad needed to go to the toilet; Mum wanted a drink of warm water; Mum needed a blanket;  Mum was hungry and thinks a hot chocolate would be very nice; Mum didn’t think she needed the blanket after all; Mum said she has misplaced the keys to our apartment and there was a frantic search through her (multiple-compartment) handbag.

I feel that I have two children!

Dad's next appointment date with the clinic:  Dec 4th.  I think I've just about exhausted my annual leave entitlement.


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