Monday, 21 December 2015


A whirling vortex - that's how I would describe my 2015.  Fast and furious.  Overwhelmed isn't even the word.  A calendar filled with medical appointments that would take us right up to December 30th.  Countless miscellaneous chores.  An avalanche of errands every weekend.  No time to take stock, even less for socialising.

Our domestic helper came to live with us on December 21 (Sat).  Naw's hometown is a 5-hour drive from the city of Yangon, Myanmar.  She speaks pretty good English.  My mother, who herself was self-taught in the language, is able to communicate with Naw in a combination of broken English and hand gestures.  They seem to get along immensely! If they continue to do so I just might be able to take a vacation next year.

I'm hopeful.

Leaving you with a glorious December sunset.  See you back here in January.


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