Sunday, 28 June 2020


Nothing beats the smell of fresh bread in the morning.  

Last night, I made the dough and placed it in the fridge for the final proof.  

I got out of bed at around 7:30 this morning to do the baking but Mum sent me on an errand.  Before I headed out, I removed the pan (with the already shaped dough) from the fridge and set it on the dining table to thaw.

Shoved the pan inside a pre-heated 200 degrees C oven at around 8:30AM.  Baking time: 18 minutes.

Got to eat hot, buttery homemade tear-apart butter buns before 9.  How cool is that?

Mum says she really likes the flavour.  Not surprising because the low temperature slows down the fermentation process, increasing the flavour of bread.   Here's how the science is explained in Cook's Illustrated:

Yeast left out at room temperature consumes sugars and leavens the batter rapidly. But then it’s spent; it stops producing not just gas but also compounds that give bread flavor. At cool temperatures, yeast produces carbon dioxide more slowly, so refrigerating the batter allows yeast to leaven at a slow and steady pace, providing more time for a more complex-tasting combination of flavor compounds to develop. The net result? A more flavorful dough.

Bread dough: 250 grams Casarine flour, 1 packet (5 grams) Shirakami Kodama Koubo, 25 grams caster sugar, 2.5 grams salt, 110 grams milk, 70 grams water, 25 grams butter

Filling: 45 grams butter (5 grams x 9)

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