Tuesday, 24 January 2012


My cousins came over to wish my parents “Happy New Year” this morning. My niece is so cute, is she not? She’s growing up fast. Very soon she’ll be leading the boys in a game of chase.

Tomorrow I'll be returning to work.  So ends the 5-day festive weekend, for which I'm a tad glad.  We've been feeding non-stop. 

There is so much food in the house at the moment, it’s crazy.  Boxes of bak kua, pork floss encased inside crispy "love letters" are lying in ambush.  All kinds of chocolates, nuts, dried fruits and assorted cookies stacked up in various parts of the living room and dining area.  And if that ain't enough, Dad's friend brought us her homemade pineapple tarts and a HUGE orange chiffon cake. 

To take a break from the festive feeding frenzy we had canned sardines and bread for dinner tonight.


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Maki said...

Your niece is soo cute! and she already knew how to hold a pose, didn't she!!!