Sunday, November 23, 2014


Took a day off work on Friday to be with Dad for his hospital appointment.  I've lost count the number of medical follow-ups after his fall in mid-September.  Since then he has had X-rays done to his head and chest, a brain scan (MRI), a physiotherapy session, an appointment with Geriatric and an appointment with General Surgery.  

Several weeks ago a co-worker kindly offered me a special price ticket to the SEA Aquarium in Sentosa.  She observed that I've had to cancel my vacation because of Dad's fall and hoped that I could at least take a day off for myself.  Isn't she sweet?  Unfortunately, I've already exhausted my annual leave entitlement.  So I went to Sentosa on a Saturday! :)

"Come closer so I can  kiss you" 

The one thing I really enjoyed in the aquarium were the jellyfish!  They're so beautiful I could watch them forever.  Btw, did you know that the jellyfish poop through it's mouth?

Jellyfish Invasion!

The deep waters had some interesting sea creatures.

Grouch the Garouper

Monday, November 17, 2014


只好捧两个饭粿回家。粿小得可怜,里面的馅很少 又淡而无味,感觉连小洋葱也省略了。厚厚的皮裹着一团烂饭,两三条切得幼幼的冬菇丝,和一些疑似花生的颗粒。越吃越不是滋味。母亲叹息:唉!好久没吃到了赛玲做的饭粿好了,她做得特别好吃!

赛玲是父亲的老朋友,煮食的手艺好得很,对食材、步骤苛刻。手工凤梨塔里的馅是她自己慢慢熬煮的。年轻时做功夫菜,快又多;年纪大了做 achar 光是切果菜就得花上半天的时间,但她一样不马虎。

似乎是感应到母亲的碎碎念,晚饭后赛玲真的携了十多个饭粿在出现我家耶!就是有那么巧的事情,好不好? 母亲见到她,一整晚笑得合不弄咀。

赛玲做的饭粿跟外面买的真的有天渊之别!瞧,粿皮超薄,内有米饭、虾米、香菇和青葱 - 馅多得把皮都挤破了!今天午餐时我一口气吃了两个,味道非同凡响(打嗝!)



Monday, November 10, 2014


Took the day off work to accompany Dad to his appointment at the Centre for Geriatric Medicine, just one of several medical appointment following his fall in mid-September. Dad is prone to anxiety attacks so a trip to the hospital (or lunch, or the barber’s) is an event.  The clinic specifically requested us to bring along all of Dad's current medication.  A list was made and everything checked twice.  A taxi was booked in advance.  It was as if we were going on a family vacation.  

What a day it was!  First, Dad was reviewed by the nurse followed by an examination by the doctor, a blood test, a 30-minute physiotherapy session, and ending with X-rays. 

I guess with everyone focused on Dad, Mom felt she needed attention too because she came up with several antics:  Mom made me accompany her to the toilet (she was afraid of being locked in); Mom came to me from all the way from Room 19 to where I was speaking to the Pharmacist and informed me that Dad wanted to go to the toilet; Mom was thirsty and wanted warm water; Mom needed a blanket;  Mom was hungry and wants hot chocolate; Mom didn’t want the blanket after all; Mom said she misplaced the keys to our apartment and there was a frantic search through her (multiple-compartment) handbag.

There are times when I feel that I have two children!

Dad's next appointment date with the clinic:  Dec 4th.  I think I've just about exhausted my annual leave entitlement. :)


Saturday, October 25, 2014


There was sunny weather.  And giant pandas.  And enormous fishes.  And exquisite floral.  Oh, and a picnic basket!

Sunday, October 12, 2014


上週日做了简单的double chocolate muffin,备受好评。马来族同事Zan向我讨食谱,她看不懂中文,我帮她把中的食谱译成英文,让她也可以做出适合自己口味的点心。能与朋友分享好事物,往往胜过独自拥有。


小时候家中不富裕,生日时母亲不曾为我煮面线鸡蛋,更别想买蛋糕了。有一年母亲竟然带了个蛋糕回来,那是一个圆形的牛油蛋糕,直径6、7寸左右吧,上面有几颗 红色的glaced cherries 点缀。没插上蜡烛,也没有特别喜庆的感觉。

今天从上翻出marble pound cake 食谱,回忆当年那段朴实的庆生。40年后的今天,所用的材料比从前讲究多了。日本面粉、法国奶油、Valrhona 巧克力、来自Madagascar的香草精、有机鸡蛋一一随手可取。蛋糕不论在味道还是外观都比从前更具魅力。


Friday, October 10, 2014


Oct 6 Monday 
The office is closed in lieu of Hari Raya Haji holiday. Mom dragged me to the Chinatown wet market. Somehow we forgot that the stalls in the wet market do not operate on Mondays! We also ran out of luck with Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice at Maxwell Food Centre - they stuck a notice out to say they are closed until October 15th.  What luck!

Mom then decided to da bao from Zhen Zhen Porridge. What’s so great about the porridge I do not know. I’d avoid the queue at all costs but Dad loves the fish porridge so I had no choice but to stand in queue for a full 35 minutes. 

Oct 7 Tuesday 
The chocolate muffins I made on Sunday turned out to be a hit with my co-workers. I made 11 muffins in all. (Think the recipe would yield 12 but I do like to top my muffin tins to the brim.) We ate 3 at home, leaving 8 for the office. Everyone marvelled at how moist the muffins were.  Two people asked for the recipe. I guess this means it is a keeper! 

Had lunch with Winifred today. Her last day with the company is on Thursday. Funny how we’re seated so close yet we manage to eat with each other only when she decides to leave. Sorry, Winnie! 

Oct 8 Wednesday 

Zan is excited for the Blood Moon at 6:52pm. This is a photo that I snapped from our office rooftop just before I made my way home. The sun is a beautiful orange globe. Were we supposed to be watching out for Blood Sun? Or Blood Moon? Arrived home just a little before 6:50pm and gazed expectantly into the sky but all I could see was the haze. Chey

Oct 9 Thursday
Mom and I went out for our morning walk early this morning.  What do you know?  The moon is really crimson!  Too bad I didn't have my camera with me ...

Oct 10 Friday 
Took a day off to accompany Dad to the TTSH. This is a follow-up appointment made with the neurologist due to his fall last month. All is well! Dad has been officially discharged. I can hear your sighs of relief all round. A big “THANK YOU” to the beautiful friends who showered me with compassion and well wishes. Your friendship means so much. I love you all to bits! 

Everything is beautiful.

Sunday, October 5, 2014


昨天应朋友MS 邀请到她家里小聚。因工作的关系MS的先生将在今年低携着一家四口到印尼生活一段时期。

天气持续闷热好多天,前晚拜托老天爷赐点雨水。昨天早上当真下起豪雨, 只好撑伞出门。走在湿答答的路上心里直埋冤:雨就不能聚餐后才下吗?忽然不知怎的 脚下一滑,回过神来已是四脚朝天地躺在行人道上!是老天爷在骂我:没雨水的时候你 complain 喇;雨下了你又嫌下的早,到底是想怎样叻? 

今天是 bank holiday,所以明天(週一)不用去上班 ,真的好开心喔!  将上个週日晚秤好的材料从冰箱里取出,做简单的 double chocolate muffin。能和年迈的父母围着餐桌,看着他们品尝着我亲手做的小点心,也算是一种幸福吧?


Today is Hari Raya Haji, otherwise known as the “Festival of Sacrifice”. 

Celebrated by Muslims worldwide, it honours the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ishmael (Ismail) as an act of submission to God's command.  God then intervened to provide Abraham with a lamb to sacrifice instead. 

The same story is told in the Old Testament, God had called Abraham to embark on a three day journey (Genesis 22) to Mount Moriah to sacrifice his son Issac. 

There are several similarities between the bible and the koran. Perhaps if we're willing to believe that there is only one God and that we each honour Him in different ways, we can live side by side in harmony.