Sunday, 22 January 2012


The apartment is spick and span.  The floor in every room has been cleaned - once on Friday, twice yesterday and, at my mother's insistence, one more time this afternoon.  The glass in the windows are so clean, they squeak; new curtains are in place; even the new living couch has arrived!

What's the Year of the Dragon without some fierce decor?

It's kinda CNY tradition in my home to have steamed radish cake.  My mother makes a mean 萝卜糕 but she prefers to take things easy these days.  (Actually she spent all her time cleaning the house and left none to make radish cake this year.)  So I went out and ordered a radish cake from a restaurant.

In a few hours, we'll be riding with the Dragon so let me wish you a very successful and prosperous Year of the Dragon.  Eat well, stay healthy and be contented.  For with contentment comes happiness.

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