Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Poor old dad, he took quite a tumble today.

It happened just after he and Mom had their lunch.  They were on their way home when he fell.  He didn't know how it happened, he said repeatedly.  Needless to say, Mom was in a state of panic.  Fortunately, three good Samaritans - Daniel, Jaime and Mark -  descended out of nowhere and lent a helping hand.

According to Mom, Dad could barely walk and Mark piggy-backed him to the closest clinic. Daniel and Jaime was kind enough to hang around until I arrived.  Dad was referred by the doctor to the A&E at TTSH.  I was still in a daze (partly from the flu medication I had been taking; partly from the huff & puff from Newton to Toa Payoh) because I couldn't even call a cab properly (the Executive Assistant of the President of Asia Pacific didn't know how to call a cab, imagine that!) so Jaime called one for us.  

I couldn't thank Daniel and Jaime enough but Jaime said they were on their way to have ice cream, normally they would park by the road but today Jaime thought they ought to drive into the car park (where Dad fell) so maybe it was meant to be.

On my way home from the hospital tonight I was still thinking about Daniel and Jaime and about what she said. When this is all over, I thought to myself, I shall thank them properly - over ice cream.  Just before I reached home two boys (probably 8 and 10 year olds) approached and asked if I would help with their school fees.  What were they selling?  Ice cream.  Is this another one of your jokes, God?

The ice cream were $12 a box.  I opened my purse and there were exactly $12 in notes lying inside.  So maybe it was meant to be.

There were hundreds of patients at the A&E today.  We waited several hours with Dad to get his X-ray and CT scan done.  And then it was another few hours' of waiting to get him admitted.  After that another couple of hours to get him settled into the hospital bed and made sure he had something to eat.  We get to speak to the doctor tomorrow at around 10:30AM.  It was a long day but I don't think my life is half bad, really.  Thanks to an understanding boss, the sweetest coworkers, and of course - three perfect strangers who offered their assistance unconditionally.

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