Thursday, 11 September 2014


Who knew boiling potatoes can be so complicated?

Russet potatoes were on sale in the super mart. I bought five. I was getting ready to cook one when my mother asked, “How do you intend to cook it?” I guess I would boil it in its jacket. “Leaving it unpeeled is silly,” Mom scoffed. “Are you going to eat the skin too?!” 

A few days later I decided to cook the remaining four potatoes. Remembering Mom's remark about their spud brother, I embarked on the process of removing the jackets from each. “How do you intend to cook them?” Yes, Mom was breathing down my neck again. I think I would boil them. “Then you shouldn’t peel them,” said Mom. “It would be much easier to remove their jackets once they’re cooked. Sometimes you’re so stupid.” 

"Oh for the love of potatoes, leave me alone already!"  I wanted to say but arguing with a 81-year old would be bad for my karma.

We have a love-hate relationship, my mother and I.  Some people don't appreciate the way I blog about these regular squabbles.  "Stop complaining about your mother," they would chide.  "One day you will grow old too!"  Perhaps my friend Serena understands me most. She once told me, “I made a pact with my sister that when we grow old and I should turn out like our mother, she is to shoot me!”

“Would you like her to shoot you too?” she offered.

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