Friday, 19 August 2011

台北也有溫泉 Hot Springs in Taipei

Sunday morning up with the lark
I think I'll take a walk in the park
Hey hey hey it's a beautiful day

OK, so I didn't wake up with the lark on Sunday but I did have a song in my head as I got out of bed.  Headed out to Beitou with Sally after breakfast.

北投 Beitou
You don't have to travel far to enjoy hot springs in Taipei.  Take the MRT to 新北投站(Xinbeitou Station) and you'll find yourself in Taipei's hot springs district. 

People wanted to know if I went bathing in the one of the hot springs.  The answer is "No!"  Are you kidding me?  I felt the sun baking me slowly as I walked on the streets, ok?! I'm not jumping into any hot spring in this weather.

Cute train to Xinbeitou Station 新北投站 ...

A pretty long train ...

Beitou is nestled among the mountains.  There are hot spring hotels all over town.

Hot Spring Valley - the faint scent of sulphur is in the air.

Behind this lush greenery ...

... is a "steamboat" in which you can cook eggs.

Can you see the steam rising?

Even the creek is bubbling.

淡水老街 Danshui Old Street
A few stations away from Beitou is Danshui.  I've been here once previously with Tammy and Jee Sien but we didn't cover all of Danshui then.  It was pretty warm weather back then as well.  I remember Tammy was screaming murder because she was dying under the hot sun and we cut our trip short and escaped to 天母(Tienmu).

So many shops seling 阿给(Ah Gei).  Which one should we pick?  One offered us "Air Conditioning Upstairs".  Sold!  We are easy to please.

We'll drive on and follow the sun
Making Sunday go on and on
Hey hey hey it's a beautiful day

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