Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Today marks my 7th year with the company I work for.  Not many employees stay more than 5 years in an ad agency. What can I say, I'm a rare breed.

Just recently my very nice French boss presented me with a cheque for $1000 which was meant to be my 5-year long-service award. However, an unwritten company policy (I wonder which 笨蛋approved it) dictates that the employee would receive her 5-year award only at the end of her 6th year (duh!)

If you have $1000 to spare, what single item would you splurge it on? Desire posts this question as she lures me into her charming little shop. Here's a woman truly after my own heart. Every object that I’ve ever dreamed of owning is here!

A gorgeous bracelet catches my eye. I want to try it on but it sits regally on the upper-most shelf that is way beyond my reach.

Oh look, the Ferragamo bag that I like! And isn't that the camera I’ve wanted for some time? There they lay on a tall shelf, side by side, beckoning me. Surely if I stand on tip toes, with fingers outstretched, I would be able to attain them! Alas no, I’m still a little short.

So many fabulous things, too little cash! I was fishing for my credit cards when Reality steps in. He grabs my arm and drags me roughly aside.

“Hey!” I protest. “You hurt me!”

“I do that sometimes,” he admits but offers no apology.

“What do you want?” I hiss, folding my arms across my chest. He reminds me that the Bvlgari B-Zero bracelet, Ferragamo tote and Canon 500D will all have to wait. He is right, of course. I know I need to face him squarely.

With Reality in check, I begin to lower my sights to focus on the objects that are truly accessible. He finally allows me to walk away with this:

KitchenAid KSM150 Mixer in Apple Green. Usual price: S$899. Available at TANGS for S$699 and a further 10% reduction during the promo period. Free delivery. Citibank cardholders earn 12% rebate on the card.

He keeps me grounded, this Reality. At times I’m grateful that he's by my side. Desire ignores me completely now. I watch and she seduces another wide-eyed customer with her dazzling smile. I tell Reality that Desire resembles Temptation very much in looks. He nods.

“Cousins,” he grins, and marches me out of Desire's lair.


HM said...

This is really funny. True, well-written and witty.

And I protest.. Why must desire be a "she"? Can't it be a "he".. like Chow Yun Fatt, Sean Connery?

emy said...

You go gal! 7 years!

Maki said...

Congratulations on your 7th anniversary!!!
Your boss was telling us at the dinner how great and professional you are.
But he did not tell me about your 7th anniversary. Sorry for this delayed congratulatory wish :-(
I hope you will keep extending your record ;-)