Friday, 18 June 2010


On weekends, I look for willing food tasters to try my baked goods. Most of the time, they are my parents and few colleagues. Not long ago, I also roped in a childhood friend. I can't be certain if she is a willing Guinea Pig (GP) but I didn't give her a chance to decline the honour.

Recently, my colleague Serena has expressed her desire to sign-on as regular GP.

In order for you to qualify as a GP, you must
(1) preferably work with me in the same office or conduct activities close by my home. (In the case of my childhood friend, she attends pilates classes in the community centre across the street from my house)

(2) live within close proximity of a GP (in this instance, I mean a good doctor)

(3) be brave in the presence of creativity

(4) be able to give constructive comments after you've tried out the said creative foods

(Words like "lousy" "awful" "like Styrofoam" are not constructive comments and will result in immediate disqualification)

Only those with strong stomachs and undefiable courage need apply.

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Gwun Wai said...

People intelligent enough to come up with constructive comments are rarely brave :p