Sunday, 6 June 2010


This is a prequel to my post in February on Homemade Fishcakes.  Here are some shots of my mother making fishcakes from scratch.

Fillet the fish - a Yellowtail is best

Remove flesh from skin

Add salt water as you mince.  Keep going.  It will come together in a cohesive mass.

Pick it up and smack it on the chopping board about 10 - 15 times.

看到了没有? Nice and jiggly. Now wet your hands before shaping into fishcakes.


emy said...

Thanks for sharing! I must try it one of these days!

steph said...

wow, your step by step instructions make the making of fishcake seems so easy. I must forward to Jane and Diane for them to try! Of course, in return I will get to taste it.. hehe..

Fun said...

Steph, you're so smart! My mother always buys the biggest Yellowtail she can find.