Sunday, 20 June 2010


Dear GPs,

This little pig cried wee wee wee today.

So many things went wrong. I had intended to give Piggy wings but was forced to forgo them because I was already having a hard time with Piggy's snout.  It kept sliding off!  I contemplated on using the stapler.  In the end, I used Super Glue.  (Kidding!)

At one point I got distracted by Mom making fishcakes and failed to watch the clock.  As a result, Piggy got badly burnt in the oven.

Since last week's fish-shaped buns were filled with tuna, I felt that it be apt to fill Piggy with a pork filling. My initial thoughts were on Mushroom and Bacon, or Ham and Cheese. Serena suggested luncheon meat whilst Moon felt  bakkwa would give Piggy that Singaporean edge.

During our morning stroll on Tuesday, Mum asked me, "What kind of bread will you be making next?"

"How about Char Siu (BBQ pork) Bun?" she asked while I was still contemplating.  She even gone on to suggest, "I'll take care of the filling, you make the bread." That threw me right off because Mum and I seldom see eye to eye on culinary affairs.  She cooks Chinese dishes, I bake Western-style cakes.  She prefers them savoury, I like sweets.  She doesn't interfere with my baking, I stubbornly stay out of her kitchen when she cooks.

I guess you can say we're both pig-headed. 



Maki said...

I think that your pig is cute and I don't think it got badly turned out as a roasted pig which I like :-)
It is your first time to make a pig shape and I think it is pretty good start and I know you can make it more cuter and real pig next time. Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Very impressed! I not fit to become your GP but I support u by follow closely to this blog. Keep doing.....


One suggestion though not sure it is working. What happens if you put raisin as eyes of the pig?


Fun said...

Hi Maki, Piggy and I are both grateful for your kind words. Piggy feels less sorry for himself now.

Hey Jenny, thanks for your support. Keep watching for more baked goodies.

Steph said...

Wow, you are into animal bread nowadays! Fish w tuna, pig w pork fillings.. so if we try rabbit, do we need rabbit meat?!! Next time, we try various animal shape bread ok? :)

Steph said...

Hey, next time we try the char siew bun la or curry chicken?