Friday, 6 February 2015


Went on location to shoot a short clip for a client today.  I played a kiasu Auntie.  Have absolutely no idea why I was casted in the role in the first place.  Perhaps because I'm a natural (Auntie).

My co-workers came around in the beginning of the week to say they desperately needed folks in the office to cast in a SG50 clip.  I initially declined but then my co-workers whimpered "please please please", assured me I had no line to read and basically needed to "be dramatic".  

The project isn't some big time television commercial so no overwhelming casts and crew were involved.  The "actors" took care of their own make-up and wardrobe.  My character wore clothing with bold prints.  The crew consisted of one director and one camera man.  Our very own interns and staff who took up the parts of assistant director, production assistant, kalefe ...  Being on camera for the first time was very exciting.  The filming of my two scenes lasted about three hours as it took several re-takes to get it each right.  

Thoroughly enjoyed my first filming experience. I surprised myself by jumping right into character.  No camera-shyness, no awkwardness.  My co-workers felt I did quite well for a first-timer. *self pat on back*   I only hope the client is happy with the end product because I had so much fun making it!

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