Monday, 16 February 2015


Dad took another tumble today.  Back in the hospital again.

Just two days ago he lost his balance while stepping out of the bathroom into his bedroom and bruised a toe. 

This is the third time that Dad lost his balance since his fall in September. Dr. Rani from Geriatric did warn that Dad has arthritis in the left side of his neck caused by degeneration of the bones in the neck (cervical spine) as he ages. Patients with arthritis of the neck often complain about weakness in the legs or loss of balance. Maybe that's the reason why Dad falls on his right side all the time, always cutting his right brow, right elbow and left thumb. 

Today we once again seek the help of paramedics who whisked Dad to TTSH in an ambulance. I now know my way around the ER very well indeed. Dad received a head scan, then admitted for observation. 

We had originally reserved a table in Putien for Reunion Dinner this evening. I know Mom was really looking forward to it because the Kitchener Road branch used to be her favourite restaurant and we hadn't been back there in ages!  This morning, however, Mom and I noticed that Dad had trouble getting around with a bruised toe. So we decided on a change of plans and eat at home instead of going out. Then Dad took a tumble and plans quickly changed again.

While I was with Dad in TTSH, Mom was busy at home with Lorie (a very nice Filipino lady whom we hired to help Mom with Spring cleaning).  Lorie was in my bedroom, atop a ladder trying to unscrew the ceiling lamp for cleaning.  Just as she removed the last screw the lamp split cleanly into two - right into her palms!  She checked the ground for any tiny pieces of glass that might have fallen but there were none.  That spooked Lorie a bit.  She deduced that the lamp somehow absorbed Dad's bad luck. "Your father will be fine now," she assured me when I got home.

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