Sunday, 28 December 2014


I do not like to wait.  I hate standing in line even more.  But Dad had been craving for his favourite soy sauce chicken for the longest time. Funny how Singaporeans tend to make a beeline for the food places that has the longest queue. Like that darn fish porridge in Maxwell Road, for instance. Or the rojak in HDB Hub.  Anyway, the king has spoken and his subject must oblige.

And so I stood in line for exactly one hour in Chinatown Market while my mother made herself comfortable and munched on Harm Chim Bang (咸煎饼). After that we queued for fish porridge, then again for you tiao (油条) before hastily making our way home.  Heads will roll should the king not be served his lunch by 12 noon.

Sure enough, my phone rang not long after we boarded the bus.  It was Our King demanding our whereabouts.

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