Saturday, 13 December 2014


At the advice of the Home Assessment team on Nov 28, I applied for EASE (Enhancement for Active Seniors) with HDB.  It was a Saturday morning when I submitted the online application and they called me in under two hours to acknowledge it.

EASE offers three types of improvement items to make the flat more friendly for senior citizens:
- Grab bars within the flat (up to 14 pieces x 45cm)
- Slip resistant treatment to the floor tiles of two bathrooms
- Ramps for wheelchair (up to 5 in each flat)

Government subsidies makes everything affordable.

Understandably, Dad was keen to start on applying slip-resistant treatment right away.  He also wanted grab bars installed around the flat.  But as soon as the appointment had been made, he decided he wants to hold off the work, stating he wasn't ready. After a short argument and at my insistence he finally agreed to give the non-slip treatment a go.

An appointment was then confirmed for today, between 3 and 6PM.  At 3:20PM, when the contractors hadn't showed up Dad started pacing the living room mumbling, "They cannot locate our place, surely they are lost!"  

Then it started to rain heavily.  The contractors hasn't turned up still by 4:30PM and Dad's face was growing darker by the minute.  "They said 3PM!" Again I had to redefine the meaning of "Between 3 to 6PM".  In fact I had to repeat it several times until the contractors finally appeared at 6:05PM.  By then Dad was visibly upset.

The chemical treatment was applied to the floor tiles of both our bathrooms.  The entire job took exactly 20 minutes.

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