Friday, 3 October 2014


It's the perfect evening to have a rooftop party - and a great way to start off the long weekend.

I've been in this company for ten years now and this is the first time we're having a joint party with our sister company, who also happens to be our neighbour.  Our offices are divided by a glass wall.  Think I just heard Reagan's ghost:“If you seek peace, if you seek prosperity … tear down this wall!”  

I'm a little confused as to the theme of our party.  So, is the grass greener on the other side?  Or is the glass cleaner on the other side?

 It doesn't matter what the theme is really.  I'm here for the food.  Look at all these deep fried stuff!

Hullo, I think the people over here need more booze.  And one more glass of milk for me please! (hiccup)

People are actually enjoying themselves - the crazy bunch!

I haven't come up to our roof top in ages.  Didn't realise the sunset is so stunning.

Should do this often.  Come up to admire the view, I mean.  

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