Saturday, 19 March 2011


The sign above the mangoes read “$1.99 for 3”, attracting about a dozen housewives and Aunties all with an eye for bargain.  They gathered around the crates, elbowing one another, frantically grabbing the fruit as if they were free of charge. Like a flock of hens, their feathers ruffled, squawking. As though some unknown catastrophe was fast approaching and they were scrambling to peck the last grains off the supermarket floor.

Kiasuism got the better of me. I dived right in, dodging vicious beaks (ouch!) and menacing claws, and snatched away what I believe to be 3 of the plumiest fruit – all in under two minutes.

Fruits of my labour

My worst fear has been confirmed.  I am an Auntie!


Maki said...

I think that it is too early to confirm yourself as "Auntie" and that you are considered competitive since you got only one package/3 mangoes and did not win more than 6 mangoes :-P
But I love mangoes and I hope you will fight over mangoes for me like cock for the next time ;-)

Fun said...

Dear Maki, rest assured I won't chicken out!

Moon said...

Funny, real funny ...