Sunday, 6 March 2011


Years ago, my mother learnt to make begedil from a Malay hawker who sold nasi padang.  When she made them today, I stood close by to jot down notes.  Mom cooks by a kind of instinct that all experienced housewives possesses so there's no use asking her for measurements. 

"Take 3 large potatoes," she began. 

"How much do they weigh?" I asked.  She glared so I kept my mouth shut.  Still, I couldn't resist weighing them on my digital scales when she wasn't looking. :p

Potato Patties
Makes about 20

3 large potatoes (approx 500 grams when mashed)
Salt to taste
100 grams filling
1 egg, lightly beaten
Oil for frying

We used a mix of minced pork and hay bee (dried shrimps).  You can use any you like - mutton, bacon, or luncheon meat.

Prepare the filling.  Stir fry the minced pork and dried shrimp.  Set aside.

Slice the 3 large potatoes and deep fry them until slightly brown.  Drain then add salt and mash.  Mix in the filling. 

Using your hands, shape the potato mixture into round patties, about 5-cm in diameter. 

Coat each patty lightly with egg and fry on both sides until golden brown.

Drain on kitchen paper before serving.


christina said...

This looks delicious along with 三星蔥餅

Fun said...

Dear Christina, I'm so happy to receive your comment on my blog. Thanks for your support.

Maki said...

We have similar dish in Japan. Ours are coated with bread crumbs like croquette and we call them "Potato Korokke". We also have "Cream Korokke" and other kinds. FYI: