Thursday, 5 November 2015


Took a day off work to accompany my mother to the hospital for medical appointment.  She's been complaining of gastric pains and severe constipation.  Now due for gastroscopy, and colonoscopy on December 15th.

Met with Phyllis and Catherine for dinner at Kilo Kitchen Orchard.

We try to catch up three or four times a year.  Phyllis' birthday is tomorrow and she'll be spending it in Taiwan!  (Why am I feeling excited?) That's why we must celebrate tonight.

I had a hard time locating this restaurant as it was tucked inside a clothing store named PACT. I only learnt later that PACT is supposed to be the mega meeting of menswear boutique K.I.N. and hair salon PACT + LIM, a space dedicated to all things chic and tasteful. It all sounds rather pretentious, though I have to admit that I really enjoyed the food tonight.

The food at Kilo is a fusion of Italian, Japanese and Vietnamese. I was especially awed by the Crispy Soft Shell Crab, served with compressed watermelon and red Thai curry gravy (but Cat and I both said it tasted more like laksa than curry). 

I ordered the Cream of Ebiko Pasta, with smelt roe, and “a La plancha” prawns that were grilled to perfection.

Cat had Squid Ink Fettuccini, served with crispy baby squid, Ikura and poached egg.

Phyllis was actually able to finish her BBQ Pork Riblets, served with tofu puree, apple kimchi salad and spring onions.

Everything was served in large portions.  Phyllis is very happy tonight.  She still cannot believe she managed to finish the entire pork rack!

Have a great time in Taiwan, Phyllis!  Love ya!

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