Sunday, 23 November 2014


Took a day off work on Friday to be with Dad for his hospital appointment.  Because of his fall in mid-September, we've been referred to Dr. Rani at TTSH's Central for Geriatric Medicine.  She's doing a great job investigating into the reason/s that he fell.  After subjecting him to some light physical assessment, Dr. Ravi confirms that Dad's limbs are very strong for a 85-year old so she is sure it isn't because of weak legs.  Dad was sure he wasn't feeling dizzy, nor did he trip.  "I just fell," he said repeatedly.

Since then, he has blood tests, x-rays done to his head and chest, and a physiotherapy session.  This morning we had two appointments - a brain scan (MRT) at 7AM, followed by a meeting with General Surgery.  The team there recommended a colonoscopy done but Dad was reluctant.  He now has a year to think about it.

Life at home can be tough at times but every day I'm touched by the kindness of human beings.  Some weeks ago a co-worker, Pei Ee, offered me a special price ticket to the SEA Aquarium in Sentosa.  She observed that I've had to cancel my vacation because of Dad's fall and hoped that I could at least take a day off for myself.  

"Come closer so I can  kiss you" 

The one thing I thoroughly enjoyed watching were the jellyfish!  They're so elegant I could watch them forever.  Btw, did you know that the jellyfish poop through it's mouth?

Jellyfish Invasion!

The deep waters is inhabited by some interesting sea creatures.  This is Grouch the Garouper - my father frequently takes on the same facial expression at home.

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