Sunday, 31 March 2013

台北遊: 國際烘焙展篇(2) TIBS Part 2

2013 Taipei International Bakery Show - Cake Decorating Competition.  I couldn't very well upload them all so here are just some of the what I think are the best entries.

Sakura Sakura 樱花树下

Ushering the Chinese NewYear.  Love the dragons!

Ho, Ho, Ho, and a bottle of rum

The wedding cakes really steals the show.

My Dream Wedding

Here comes the bride ...
When I get married, I want this cake. No, actually I want to marry the person who made this wedding cake!  But wait, where did the groom run off to?

Royal Tea Party

A Chinese Wedding
 My personal favourite - because so few wedding cakes in the market depict the Chinese Wedding

A Black and White Wedding
A Fairy Tale Wedding

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