Monday, 20 August 2012


It has been hard to juggle between work and elderly parents, and still find time for photo trips and baking. But all is not lost, I just need to put in more effort in time management. Plus, who doesn't multi-task these days?  I accomplished a lot over the 3-day weekend, if I do say so myself. 

On Saturday I paid a visit to Little India and came home with some great shots.

My parents wanted to have fish porridge in Chinatown yesterday.  On the way we stopped by to shop at two Chinese medical halls which my mother frequents but they were both closed!  I know it's Hari Raya but I had expected the Chinese shops to stay open.  Hmm ... I guess everyone needs a holiday.

At the Zhen Zhen (真真) Porridge stall in Maxwell Road Food Market, I was in the queue for 32 minutes!!! Arghh!  If it wasn't because Dad likes the fish porridge, I swear wouldn't stay in line for more than 10.

The good thing about this Swedish Visiting Cake by Dorie Greenspan is how little effort it takes to put together. The recipe is too simple for words!   It doesn't involve creaming the butter or whisking egg yolks until thick.  Dorie says to bake it in a oven-proof skillet or 9-inch cake tin.  I used a 8-inch square tin.  As you can see, the cake isn't very tall so it didn't take long to bake.

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