Saturday, 18 August 2012


I really want to go on a vacation but several things are keeping me grounded until end of September. No matter, I can still take short excursions around our tiny island. 

Today I spent a few hours in Little India and returned home smelling like jasmines. Somehow, despite having lived in Singapore all my life, I've only been to Little India three or four times. It's a shame really, I should visit more often - and not just for fishhead curry or prata.

I took about 60 photos but I've chosen the most colourful ones to share with you.

Indians are huge on worship.  Flowers and garlands are offered to the deities.

Kaffir limes to ward off evil spirits.

Before the coconut is offered to the deity, the fibre is stripped to symbolise the removal of the heart's desires. The coconut is then broken in half and the water inside purifies the soul. 

Kumkum powder, used by Hindu women to make the small distinctive red mark (or bindi) between their eyebrows.

The application of henna as a temporary form of skin decoration and applied during special occasions like weddings and festivals.

These aren't mini ice-cream cones.  They're henna dyes.

Splashes of colours

Little jewel boxes


"Gee, that's a lot of onions if I do say so myself!"

Making a garland

I like the striking colourful little packets of spices against the green background

Beautiful Indian lady in beautiful sari

News vendor


Indian Rojak



Rice and more

Fresh produce


Jewellery fit for a queen

Aside from bus fare, I didn't spend a single cent on the trip.  The best holidays can be free, and needn't involve a flight overseas.


Tryphena said...

FunFun!!! I love your Little India series! The colors are so vibrant & pretty!!! :-)

Fun said...

Nice of you to check in, Tryphena! I really like this colourful post myself.