Saturday, 17 March 2012


The eagerly anticipated package from Maki finally got to me via Malini! I promised Maki that I’d post photos of these Japanese snacks on Chilli Crab Kitchen before I consumed them. But then it rained.  It rained again the next day. Not great weather for the amateur photographer.

The sun finally appeared yesterday morning. I hastily snapped a few shots before I dashed off to work. I love the Pigeon logo on the paper bag very much. It looks as if it is enjoying little snack peas. Super cute! The name of the snack shop in Kanji is 豆源, which translates to "The Bean Source" in Chinese. It sells a variety of bean snacks. According to Maki, the snack shop uses a pigeon for its logo because in Japanese culture, the pigeon and the bean 豆are somehow characterised with each other.


Maki said...

Were these pea snacks with squid , shrimp and different flavor similar to the fish crackers you showed me?

Fun said...

Hi Maki, the flavour is different. I'm dying for you to try some of ours!