Friday, 30 March 2012


I've fallen head over heels with Japan.  And I haven't even visited the country yet.

But it's hard not to appreciate all things Japanese when you have a friend from Tokyo who sends across the most amazing stuff at every opportunity she gets.  This time Maki shares her private collection of Green Tea Goodies.

.Just look at these cute fridge magnets from Suntory (伊右衛門).  I especially love this matcha mont blanc.  I've often wondered why people want to spend money on this kind of accessories.  Now I understand.  The craftsmanship is so very intricate!

Maki's package came with a personal note, which was delicately folded origami-style in the form of a heart.  I ought to have taken a photo of it but in my haste to get my eager hands on everything inside the box, I forgot!  Well, I did save the beautiful wrapping paper.

Thanks to Maki, I got to sample Japan without having to jump on a plane!


Maki said...

You are so sweet and thank you for posting this! I assume that I am succeeding so far to seduce you into Japan ;-P I hope you will be able to visit Japan someday…not someday…hopefully in the near future:-) Then, we can go to the green tea café and you can bring back the green tea baumkuchen to your family! Does it sound like a plan to you?!

christina said...

Japanese know how to make kawaii stuff like these and they know how to market them.

Fun said...

Hi Maki, thanks again for the lovely package. Everything inside is irresistable. What can I say, you've successfully seduced me!

Hi Christina, you're right the Japanese have turned packaging into an art but I think that the Taiwanese have managed to pick it up as well.