Thursday, 24 September 2015


The haze is back, and with a vengeance too.  I'm all teary eyed.

PSI: 260.  Will it breach 400 like it did back in 2013?

It's a holiday and I'm keen to have my parents to try out the still fairly new London Fat Duck.  This morning they took one look outside the window and needed no convincing to remain indoors.  So I strapped on my mask and ventured alone into the smog.  

The restaurant opened at 11AM.  I waddled in at 11:05AM to find the place packed, and a gaggle waiting to be let it.  Despite the bustle, the service was pretty decent.  I managed to place my order for takeaway at 11:11, picked it up at 11:41 and arrived home at 12PM sharp.   Mission accomplished.

It was exceptionally tasty London Roast Duck Noodle (S$7.80) and crackling on the Pork Belly (S$13.80) was to die for.  Well worth the dive into the haze earlier on.

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