Sunday, 16 March 2014


She and I aren't particularly close but since my great-grandfather and her grandfather shared the same grandfather (or something along the line) we belong to the same family tree.  She is one tough cookie, this 84 year-old Aunt SS of mine.  Some years ago she suffered a stroke that left the right side of her body semi-paralysed.  Not allowing herself to bow down to fate, she was able to self-train her muscles until she was able to walk once again.  A few years later, she had a fall and laid on her bedroom floor for three days before being discovered by a neighbour. 

About a month ago, on a Sunday, she fell again and there she sat, inmobile, for two days. She was whisked off to the hospital by a friend who visited her on Tuesday.  This time she suffered a broken arm and was in the hospital for more than two weeks before being moved to St. Luke's to recuperate.

My mother and I try to visit her every Saturday afternoon, bring a treat every time.  One week it was dim sum, another week kuih pie tee.  Whatever it was, we'd made sure it was loaded up with chilli because Aunt SS once complained that "everything tastes blend without chilli."

This week Mom suggested we bring something homemade so I made something similar to the "pizza" two weeks ago.  Using French toast as base for my pizza, topping it up with stir-fried veggies and cheeses, bearing in mind to pack in lots of dried chilli flakes.  Aunt SS devoured two of this simple creation in one sitting.  I do believe it was the chilli that sold them!

We've experienced at least a month of dry spell.  The sun was burning hotter than ever yesterday afternoon and Mom commented on how abundantly all the flowers are blooming this past month.

This late afternoon it finally rained!

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