Sunday, 29 September 2013


Here's my rundown of the weekend:

A few tiles on the bathroom wall popped up for no reason. I went to HDB to lodge a report. Someone from HDB is supposed to call me in 2 or 3 working days. We'll see.

Mom hurt her foot.  We don't know how it happened exactly.  One moment she was reclined on the sofa watching tv, the next minute she complained it was too painful to walk.  I accompanied her to an acupuncturist. When we came home I made lunch. I toasted thin slices of croûte to eat with foie gras but my parents decided to be creative.  So we had foie gras with 猪场粉. What? You’ve never heard of fusion cuisine 咩?

What about the croûte, you ask? Oh, we ate them with spam.

Mom and I made an amazing Ginger Scallion Sauce. The Italians have their pesto and we have our Ginger Scallion Sauce. Consisting of only four ingredients – ginger, scallion, salt and oil – it adds a salty, oniony kick to just about anything. Chicken. Noodles. Tofu. Naan. Croûte. We had it with steamed halibut last night and it was Pow Bang Kazaam awesome!

I learnt to make macarons. Tons of fun!  The perfect macaron (pronounced mah-kah-ROHN) shells should be perfectly round and show 'feet' or a crown at their base, the crust is as smooth as egg shells and without blemishes.  Anything that is less than perfect gets discarded.  Further, they are delicate and puncture easily.  That's why macarons (not to be confused with macaroons) are terribly expensive.

The morning after:  I shared 3 pieces of above macarons with my French co-worker, Michel, and he says he would not mind being my guinea pig one more time. :)

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