Sunday, 18 August 2013


It all started with half a carrot buried in the fridge.  As soon as I discovered it last night, I decided there and then that today would be Japanese Potato Salad day.  I was so excited about the thought that I was able to wake up early this morning to go to the wet market, where I bought four not-very-large potatoes, a cucumber and a large onion.

One of the key ingredients in the Japanese Potato Salad is the mayonnaise.  Kewpie Mayonnaise from Japan, to be  exact.  According to my mother, I don't buy it often enough.  She loves mayonnaise.

I put together the salad just after lunch and chill it right up to dinner time.  I hope there'll be leftovers tonight so that I can whip up a potato salad sandwich to take to work tomorrow!

Japanese Potato Salad is one of my favourite dishes. It's simple to make, colourful and its ingredients are inexpensive.  You ought to try it out some time.

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