Friday, 21 June 2013


For those of us who live to tell the tale, the last few days have been rather dramatic for Singapore.  Fast-food deliveries have been cancelled, the army has suspended field training, and face masks, air purifiers and eye drops are flying off the shelves. The smog, caused by the illegal burning of forests on Indonesia’s Sumatra island, is a persistent problem for us every year.

This year's smoke haze, however, might well be chronicalized.  Yesterday at 1PM, our pollution standards index (PSI) soared to a smothering 371. We all held our breaths, literally. Today at 12PM the reading breached 400. If the air quality value is considered hazardous at 300, then what of 401?

What do sitting ducks do in the face of adversity? Well, according to some we tend to behave like kids.

We shop for important things.

We hoard, in case we find it necessary to squirrel in for a few days.

Then we wish (ok, I wished) that the winds would turn around and the haze makers would get a taste of their own poison. Or is that kind of prayer deemed childish?

Who knows?  Tonight they might drown in their own acid rain.

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