Monday, 21 May 2012


This was the day I almost died of heat stroke.

We explored the Grand Palace on a ridiculously hot day. Constructed in 1782, the palace complex is made up of so many temples, halls, pavilions and courtyards, making it difficult to navigate. Why would the early kings and queens need a ridiculous 218,400 square metres (2,351,000 square feet) of space, I wonder?

The first thing that struck me upon entering its premises was how everything shimmers and glitters under the morning sun – 简直就是金碧辉煌嘛! Each building is different and every single one covered in gold, stained glass or jewel-like tiles. Stunning.

Despite the heat, you should not hope to gain entrance to the Grand Palace in tube tops and skimpy attires. The palace grounds and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha within are sacred and you should respect the strict dress code. So read up about it before you travel.

Everywhere we turned there were tour groups from different countries, accompanied by their bawling guides, all trying to speak in different languages, all at the same time.

Would I go back again? Well, yes, if the weather is less harsh and if I'm accompanied by a guide. The palace grounds and its fascinating architectures certainly deserve more than just a brisk walk-through.

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