Monday, 6 February 2012


Monday morning. Chillicrab notices that a few colleagues are “missing” from the office - they are all home nursing the ‘flu. Looks like Chillicrab isn’t the only one in the office who caught the Big Bad Bug!

During lunch hour, Chillicrab is picking out fruits in the supermarket (with the ‘flu bug going around everyone in the office could do with a dose of Vitamin C) when an Auntie approaches Chillicrab and enquires, “请问冠头移在那里?” Chillicrab thinks the ‘flu medication is making her dense because Chillicrab has zero idea what "冠头移" is!

“移!移! 冠头移!” Auntie gestures in exasperation until Chillicrab is almost certain Auntie is after some kind of fish. At this point, a supermarket attendant finally intervenes and tells Auntie, “罐头鱼放在前面第二排.” Auntie gives a huge sigh of relief and thank attendant profusely, while Chillicrab wishes she could crawl (sideways, of course) into obscurity.

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