Sunday, 13 November 2011


During weekends, I waste an incredible amount of time online researching nerdy stuff like poetry, books, photography and recipes.

My friend, C, is a little concerned when she found out that I spend my weekends blogging and baking. Recently liberated from an unhappy marriage, C is in the process of rediscovering herself. When I met her last week she declared proudly that she attended a concert on her own, something she has never done in her entire life! This year she spent her birthday weekend with friends in a beach resort, enjoying whole-heartedly for the first time in ages. “I fell asleep while listening to the sound of the ocean,” she said beaming, eager to express her new-found freedom.

C thinks that I need to go out more.

What C doesn’t realise is that I’m at the opposite end of her life stage. During the 16+ years that she was busy maintaining a marriage and family, I had been hanging out plenty. Now I feel happy to come away and be touch with my domestic side.

Today I realised that I've forgotten the correct way to form a wonton!


emy said...

Eh...I am also happy to stay home and do my knitting and crochet.

Some people just have to realize that there are others who luxuriate in the joys and comfort within their own homes! :)

I bet your wantons must be tasty!

Fun said...

Hi Em - I guess we enjoy doing different things as we go through different stages in our lives. The wantons tasted fab! Last night I looked up on the Internet and found that my method of wrapping the wanton is not how it's done traditionally.

christina said...

我們除了旅行時 好像也是很宅啊 特別是冬天 一冷 沒有人想出門的

Fun said...