Sunday, 8 August 2010


Several years ago, as I was reading about the renowned Matcha Opera Cake at Pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI, I had a strong urge to fly to Paris or Tokyo just for a bite of it.  Then one day I heard that Mr. Aoki has opened shop in Taipei.  Frankly I'm a little bit jealous of the Taiwanese.  They already have Paul and Boite de Bijou and now they have AOKI.

This week, Maki took great pains to ship me a Aoki's green tea goodie - a Matcha & Azuki Bean Cake - all the way from Tokyo!  How did you read my thoughts, Maki?

You can tell from the lovingly wrapped package that such pride is put into every item that leaves the premises. 

Of course, the thoughtfulness and sincerity of the giver cannot be ignored.  I only hope these photos will do the gift justice!

Let me assure you that it tastes as good as it looks! 

I was expecting the matcha to be slightly smoky and bitter in taste but there was none of that.  I also thought the azuki beans would be extremely sweet but they weren't.  I had no idea it would be so light!  Yummy!


Maki said...

I'm glad to know you enjoyed the cake. But if you come to Tokyo, you can try his opera cake and other cakes which cannot be shipped to you. Also, there is a cafe in his shop in Tokyo. We will have lunch or a tea time there :-) I hope the cake is enough to motivate you to visit Tokyo soon ;-)

Anonymous said...