Thursday, 22 April 2010


So this is the Giant Soufflé (梳乎里) at 太平馆

Ally claimed she could eat one all by herself.

"I think one isn't enough for all 5 of us," Tammy was quick to add.  How come they seemed to have forgotten that we already ate 2 rice dishes, a pig trotter, Swiss Chicken Wings, as well as a broccoli dish beforehand?! 

Still, if everybody thinks we should order two - TWO! - who am I to object? Have you ever seen anything like it?  I mean, look  at the SIZE of that thing!  It's twice as large as my head.  And did you know that each Giant 梳乎里 contains 8 eggs?

Out of this world - fluffy, silky, and very very light.   I bet if you bit into cloud it would feel just like that.


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