Friday, 26 June 2020


Finally saw Dad this afternoon!  No one in the family hasn’t seen him in person since the first week of April due to Covid-19. The Nursing Home introduced very strict new rules: 

o Dad is in Ward 3 (an odd number) so we can see him once a week on either Monday, Wednesday or Friday. 

o Visits are by appointment only. We get to choose from 3 time slots in a day. 

o Only 1 visitor is allowed per visit. The visitor has to be pre-registered in the Home’s database. This means only either Mum or I can visit. The rest of the family will have to wait until further notice. 

o Each visit cannot last more than 30 minutes. 

o Visitors are not allowed to bring wet foods into the ward. 

Today, I wasn’t allowed to stroll into the recreation area as per normal. Instead, Dad and I were placed a metre away from the front door. Two “X”s were marked on the floor, a metre apart. I sat in a chair on one “X”, Dad in his wheelchair on the other “X”. 

Dad was excited to see me, “I’m very comforted to see my youngest daughter!” I said, “I’m your only daughter!” For some reason, Dad burst into tears. I leaned over and managed to clutch his fingers. He calmed down right away. 

Then came an outpour questions: “Why did you set my bank passbook on fire?” "Everyone gets to eat dinner at 3:30pm.  Only I eat at 5:30pm.  Why is that?"

And for finale: “Why does your mother walk around without her pants on?  She is an embarrassment.”

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