Sunday, 11 January 2015


Paroxysm: a sudden attack or outburst of a particular emotion or activity.

These days Dad is getting from bad to worse. Each morning he finds something to be mad at us about.  It's as if he wakes up in the morning and thinks hard, "Now what fault can I find with my family today?"

Mom serves Dad hand and foot every single day of their married life.  Every morning he would read the newspapers and she would place his coffee on the breakfast table just within his reach.  One morning somehow Mom forgot.  Needless to say he threw a fit!  He repeatedly questioned her, "Why did you forget?  Give me a reason why you forgot.  I just don't get it, it's something that you do every morning, how can you forget to do it?  Has plans changed?  Do I need to get my own coffee now?  Tell me why you forgot!" The interrogation went on until I came home from work in the evening.  I kid you not.

I guess he couldn't think of anything worthwhile to get upset about today because he decided to rig up old an score.  This morning he brought up that fateful day when Mom and I persuaded him to give up his habit of feeding pigeons.  A tantrum ensued.  He didn’t want to take a shower (“Just let me rot!”), nor take his lunch (“Just let me die!”) 

Previously when Dad wouldn’t eat, Mom would try to coax him, often ending up in the receiving end of a torrent of verbal abuse. Then when he still wouldn’t eat Mom would lose her appetite too. Nowadays Mom decided that she has had enough. When Dad threatened to skip lunch today Mom quietly went into the kitchen and cooked lunch for three. After I laid the table she came out of the kitchen and said casually, “Let’s eat.” And he did!

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