Monday, 10 November 2014


Took the day off work to accompany Dad to his first appointment at the Centre for Geriatric Medicine, just one of several medical appointment following his fall in mid-September. Dad is prone to anxiety attacks so a trip to the hospital (or lunch, or the barber’s) is an event.  The clinic specifically requested us to bring along all of Dad's current medication.  A list was made and everything checked twice.  A taxi was booked in advance.  It was as if we were going on a family vacation.  

What a day it was!  First, Dad was reviewed by the nurse followed by an examination by the doctor, a blood test, a 30-minute physiotherapy session, and ending with X-rays. 

I guess with everyone focused on Dad, Mom felt she needed attention too because she came up with several antics:  Mom made me accompany her to the toilet (she was afraid of being locked in); Mom came to me from all the way from Room 19 to where I was speaking to the Pharmacist and informed me that Dad needed to go to the toilet; Mom was thirsty and wanted warm water; Mom needed a blanket;  Mom was hungry and wanted hot chocolate; Mom didn’t think she wanted the blanket after all; Mom said she misplaced the keys to our apartment and there was a frantic search through her (multiple-compartment) handbag.

There are times when I feel that I have two children!

Dad's next appointment date with the clinic:  Dec 4th.  I think I've just about exhausted my annual leave entitlement.

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