Thursday, 11 September 2014


This was where Dad spent the night yesterday.  It's kind of an observation ward where they evaluate not just the patient's condition but also (especially for the elderly) whether he is sufficiently capable of looking after his own day-to-day needs after being discharged.

All visitors get to wear a yellow paper bracelet.

Everyone who knows my father is aware that he can be such a tyrant at home.  He is the King of the household, the Tiger who rules us with an iron fist.  Due to the shock of the fall, however, and having to spend two full days in bed, amongst strangers, manipulated by hospital staff, he turned into a meek kitten.

Naturally he purred with delight to see Mom and I this morning!  We brought him his favourite black coffee.  He was high spirits and informed us that he saw a cat inside the ward last night.  Ws the cat wearing a yellow paper bracelet?  Dad was sure it wasn't, but he was certain the cat is a black and white one.  Of course Mom and I don't believe a word of it.  Out of curiosity (I forgot that was what killed the cat in the first place) I seek out the hospital staff and they all said "No cat".

It was another long and tedious day.  We were at the hospital just after 10AM and were informed that we have to wait for the neurologist, and physiotherapist to give the nod of approval before Dad can be discharged.  It was 4:30PM when the discharge papers were finally ready.

There are two follow-up appointments to keep at the hospital, but for now I'm just glad to have Dad home.

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