Saturday, 19 October 2013


Here's a rundown of my week.

Monday Oct 14, 2013:
Took the day off to laze around at home and do a bit of tidying up.

Tuesday Oct 15, 2013:
Hari Raya Haji and a bank holiday. My co-worker, Ravleen, came over to my place and we baked cookies!  Here, am sharing two photos from Ravleen's camera.

The cookie dough.  Looks like ice-cream, does it not?

The finished product - chocolate chip cookies with pecan and walnut.

Wednesday Oct 16, 2013:
Stephane is back in the office after travelling for exactly one month. He brought several goodies from France.  I like the Salted Butter Caramels best!  At first Stephane said he does not like caramel but I made him try one and he agreed they were good.  I overheard him telling Michel, "I normally don't like caramel but just because of the salt they become amazing!"

It's Stephane's first day back at work after a month so there was lots to catch up on.  Tons of calls to organize, meetings to set up.  He needs a new China visa.

Dad threw a tantrum over a dish that Mom cooked for dinner. The dish was 梅菜猪肉 – minced pork steamed with preserved mustard.  He complained that the amount of preserved veggie to pork was out of proportion, i.e. too little pork.  Dad accused Mom of mistreating him, refused to eat dinner and went about the house destroying stuff. Such violent anger bouts are frequent. Two weeks ago, he saw red because he kitchen door wouldn’t shut properly.  Then there was the time he became flew into a white rage because went marketing in the morning and didn’t get home within (his) stipulated time.  It's like living with a time bomb. 

Friday Oct 18, 2013:
I love Fridays.  Friday is when Rheena goes to the Indian temple and returns to the office with breakfast for all of us!  She used to bring only vada and sambar (vegetable stew) but recently the menu has expanded to dosa (crepe), chutney, pongal (rice) and Puliyodharai (tamarind rice).  I ❤️Indian food!

vada (some call it vah-day)

chutney & sambar


pongal rice

Saturday Oct 19, 2013:
Stuck at home all morning, waiting for HDB contractors to come fix our bathroom wall.



Maki said...

You are lucky that you were able to try many different goodies. I'm wondering now whether I can ask for French caramel to Stephane ;-P
Also, I wonder when we will be able to take a baking lesson together as we planed ;-)

Fun said...

I'm sure you can try to ask him, Maki! :)