Saturday, 26 October 2013


Got out of bed at 8:17 this morning and found my parents all dressed up and ready to go out.  I drifted to the living room couch and started to flip the newspapers. Mom, who cannot resist any opportunity to offer me a snide remark, pounced on me immediately, “How can you read the newspapers without first washing up?” To which I retorted, “Is there a rule that says one has to wash up before reading?” Of course she had to have the last say, “Yes there is and you must be the only person who doesn’t follow it.”

After my parents left the house, I made my own breakfast and spent a quiet morning listening to Joan Baez’s Diamonds & Rust. I cleared the kitchen cabinet of expired baking ingredients, and cleaned out some old clothing to put in a recycling bag for the Salvation Army. If Mom was home she’d complain, “吵耳到死!” to the music. Then she’d shake out everything from the recycle bag and scrutinize every item with comments like, “What’s this?! When did you buy this? How come I wasn't aware that you bought this? I’m quite sure you wore this only once! This looks new, I want to keep it.”

This morning?  Rare peace.

Had lunch with my aunt then accompanied her to Park Mall to shop for chic furniture pieces for her living room.

Returned home to find that, alas, peace does not reign forever.

Mom served dinner at 5:25pm instead of the usual 5:15pm. Dad threw a tantrum and refused to eat. He now sits in a darkened living room, sulking. He accused Mom and I of making him angry to shorten his life when in reality, he's the one driving us to the brink of suicide.

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