Saturday, 9 March 2013



This afternoon, as soon as my mother stepped out to the supermarket and my father had nodded off in front of the TV, I set to work on these little babies.

First, I made a hot water dough and set it aside to rest for 20 minutes.  Next I chopped up about 100 grams of spring onions and stirred in salt and olive oil.  The dough and filling were then divided into equal portions and formed into eight muffins.  By the time Mom returned home my Chinese muffins were ready to be pan fried.  Easy peasy!  No KitchenAid, no rolling pin, no oily counter tops, no sweat.  Everything done in just under an hour.

Dad finally sat up blurry-eyed.  "When did you buy these?"

Was feeling terribly tired, so I didn't bother to style the tabletop.  Here they are - my beautiful Chinese muffins served up in Mom's favourite stainless steel dish!

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